WWE Supercard Guide/FAQ (Updated)


Ok, so, when I started playing Supercard nearly a year ago, I looked for a guide, an FAQ something awesome to help me while getting started. I got some good stuff from the 2K official forum and some good stuff on Reddit as well, but I couldn’t find what I needed/wanted. I wanted the ultimate guide. So almost a year after I started playing and after quitting and then restarting the game and starting multiple teams and then disbanding them and joining multiple teams and quitting/being kicked, being in the top tier and almost being able to get the event card in Road To Glory to again being middle of the pack with the new tiers which takes the total count to…10…11…12…13…14…15…16…17…18… 19… 20…21 yep 21 tiers all having + and ++ as well so 21 x 3 = 63 or something, I have decided make one of my own. If you’re new, read this and you’ll shoot up in no time if you’re old, read this and you might find something you missed previously or never knew.

A Brief History:
Supercard was released in late 2014 for IOS and Android CashDaddy CatDaddy Games. Then it was Season 2 was released in late 2015, Season 3 in late 2016 and Season 4 in November 2017.WWE Supercard is a card battling CCG with WWE Superstars such as John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Brock among current superstars and legends such as The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Andre The Giant and plenty more. No CM Punk though, I’m sorry. It’s an online game, which I hate being from where I am, with no offline mode.

Game Modes:
This game spoils you for choice when it comes to game modes, there are:
Elimination Chamber
Royal Rumble
Money In The Bank
Team BattleGround
King Of The Ring
Road To Glory
Team Road To Glory
Ring Domination
Team Ring Domination
Last Man Standing

The rest you can find elsewhere on the internet as that’s the only place where they exist and I will not waste time on them as they probably will never come back (There’s only one actually, and the team version of it).

I think I should talk about teams first before I dive into the game modes. So Supercard allows you to play with friends and family (LOL) by creating a team. There is Team Battleground and there are team events for the team to play in together and get rewards. There is a maximum of 10 members in every team. One owner and absurdly you can have up to 9 Generals. The food chain has Owners at the top, then Generals, then Officers and the low life’s are called members. The owner can promote demote anyone, disband the team, set team tier requirements and change the team from Open (anyone that meets tier requirements can join) to Invite Only (Only Invited Players can join) or Private (Need to Request to join). The Generals and promote, demote up to their level and they can start TBG. The officer can promote or kick member. Too much power they have. Anyone can create a team. Team deck consists of each individual team members team cards. Each member contributes 2 Males, 1 Female, 1 Support card and an optional Enhancement. The overall team deck is what the team’s rewards are based on. Oh, and also I’m not on a concrete team sooo……. I could make a new team if I get enough people here. Or join a team.

There are 4 types of cards in the game, besides Limited Edition cards. These are Male/Female cards, the cards that you collect and battle with. Enhancements, they give your cards a boost for a set amount of matches, can be used only once, i.e you use Charisma enhancement on Brock Lesnar once, he gets boost for set amount of matches and then the card is gone. Forever. Till you pull it again from the board. Supports, they give your cards a boost in battle, can be reused infinitely. Cards are pulled off the Draft Board, based on your Top 8 deck. The top 8 is your 4 best male cards, 2 best female cards and 2 best support cards. You get draft picks after every battle except Solo Ring Domination and Money In The Bank. Pulling a rare card or better resets your draft board to 25 picks (Still). You can combine two of the same card (male, female only) to make one strong card called a pro. There are 2 types of pros i.e Silver star and Gold Star pros. I’ll explain. There is a card limit too, when you have 250 cards, you cannot pull anymore. And also, once you have 50 enhancements you cannot pull anymore. When you cant pull cards, you cant play at all, which is stupid. You need to make some space for more cards. You can find a full list of every single card in the game by searching for “The Spreadsheet” by shining down on Reddit. The card tiers are:
Super Rare
Ultra Rare
Wrestlemania 33
Summerslam '17
WrestleMania 34
Summerslam '18

You can level up cards by feeding other cards to it. As shown in the screenie above, with every level up, your cards stats increase and the card gets stronger.Every card has a level cap. The pro has an increased level cap. For example the WM33 single has a level cap of 50 levels, but when you pro it the level cap increases to level 55. The card that you feed gives the card experience which levels the card up. The higher the tier of the feeder card, the more levels the card increase. A silver star pro is one where one or both of the cards have not been leveled up all the way. In the above example Kevin Owens both cards were not leveled at all. Gold star pro is the one where both cards have been leveled completely before combining. That gives you more stats points and makes your card stronger. But in order to get the perfect pro, you need to play matches with that card. The matches give your cards an additional stats boost. So when you have both Adam Cole cards, fully leveled and have both cards matches played, you combine and you get a sweet perfect pro that is stronger than gold star pro without matches played, baabby. You can also use Support and Enhancement cards to train your cards. Support and enhancements though cannot be leveled up unfortunately. And pros cannot be further pro’d either. Just imagine an Uncommon Undertaker Perfect Pro’d 885 times………… Now I think we should move towards the game modes and events. My training strategy is to use all commons, uncommon first and stack up on rares and above till you have like 200 cards even after using all your common, uncommon cards

Wild mode is the main game mode in which you can battle one on one against mostly computer decks. In this mode you have a deck of 4 males, 2 females and 2 supports going against the computers 8 card deck. The matches are a best of 3, but in case of a draw, there is a sudden death match, so wild matches can end 3-0, 2-1, or even 3-2. A win gives you 2 picks off the draft board, a perfect 3-0 win gets you a bonus pick so you have 3, while a loss gives you only 1 pick. This mode is used primarily to train up cards, or to gain energy cards and TBG charges. The matches are quick and you can get the matches on a card done quickly. The opponents are based on your deck tier. You can play unlimited wild matches.

How To Play?
How To Play here depends on what you’re trying to do here. For example, I play this mode almost exclusively to get matches done on cards or towards the ladder rewards (which I will talk about in the rewards section). If it’s a male card you want to train then put that card in the deck, put one more card of that tier in the deck and 2 common/uncommon cards and a female of that tier and a female common/uncommon. Same, when trying to train a female card. When playing for energy cards or charges, you can put a deck of all common/uncommon cards and use a super powerful support like preferably a McMahon card. I personally use an all Common deck with a SS McMahon, 3 Picks guaranteed always. My strategy in battles is to tag my strongest with my weakest card and use my second strongest card as a single. Works pretty well. I usually have at least two taggable males and also the females should tag (tagging means their arrows match to form a diamond, i.e up and down arrows, or right and left arrows). If I get an early tag, I use my strongest and my weakest males. If I get a male first then I play my 2nd best male.

War mode is the first mode of the PvP Leagues cycle. The battles are the same as Wild matches. 8 card deck vs 8 card deck matches, but the opponents are real people this time. The opponents are based on your deck tier. In this mode is for winning you get momentum points and CP (Combat points?). For a win, you get 4 picks, for a loss 2 picks and for a perfect win an extra pick making it 5 picks. This mode is played to get MP or CP. This mode has bouts though. You cannot play unlimited matches like you can in the wild mode. You have a maximum of 5 bouts at a time. The bouts regenerate over time. 5 minutes for 1 bout I think. You can buy bouts using credits or watch an ad (almost always available). A perfect win get you 41 MP, BROKEN down into 10 points for completing the game, 21 points for 3 matches won, 7 each that means and 10 Points for…. Winning apparently. 41 MP gives you 4 CP, 34 points gives you 3 CP and so on, but losing gives you 10 MP and no CP.

How To Play?
Same as the Wild mode. The strategy also same as Wild.
Elimination Chamber:
Elimination Chamber is the 2nd mode in the PvP leagues cycle and the newest mode in the game. This is the first and only all-female game mode. In this game mode, you have a deck of 10 Female superstars and 2 support cards. Like War mode, in this mode, you get MP and CP for playing, but you get more CP in this mode compared to War mode. The matches are also slightly longer. As the name suggests this is an elimination mode. You are dealt one card face up and one card face down, and told what stats the next match will be. You select either card and if you lose, you lose that card. If you win the card loses stats that the match was played in and your opponent loses their card. Just like this, the cycle repeats until one player is out of cards. For winning you get 12 picks and for losing you get 6 picks, no bonus picks for perfect wins strangely. I didn’t play this mode much so I don’t have exact numbers for CP, MP in this mode.

How To Play?
In Elimination Chamber, you want to have as balanced a deck as possible because if you have 1 WM33 and rest commons then once your WM33 card gets eliminated, you’re done. I play with an all common deck with SS McMahon like I do in War and Wild. Easy perfect wins all the time. Its advisable to have either all singles of one tier or all pros of one tier. That sort of deck with females takes time to build so, just play common till you have such a deck. My strategy for this mode is not set in stone yet as I haven’t played this much.

Royal Rumble:
Royal Rumble is the 3rd and final PvP Leagues mode. This mode is an over the top rope battle. This is an all-male game mode with a deck made up of 15 Male cards. The game starts with you being dealt 3 cards and showed the next card that will be dealt to you. You choose your superstar to fight and they battle with your opponent. The winner “keeps” the ring. Now you challenge if you lost the first match. Now if your opponent wins while having the ring, he gets a point. Next match, you challenge and win, you DO NOT get a point but you get the ring. Now that you have a ring, when you win a match while having the ring you get a point. This continues for around 15 matches I think and the final match is worth 3 points. At the end, the person with most points wins. For a win, you get 12 picks, for a loss you get 6 picks. Again, no bonus picks for perfect wins. In the Royal Rumble you get 30 points for completing the match, 30 points for winning, and 3 for each point you get i.e 30 + 30 + 24 (3 for each point) equals 84 points, which gives you 8 CP. So you can get up to 15 x 3 = 45 which would give you 115 MP and 15 CP.

How to Play?
Royal Rumble mode was used primarily to train cards or get picks quickly. Now it’s a PvP League mode, so now we need more points too, which diversifies the mode. To train cards, you just put that card with all common or uncommon cards and that card would get matches done and you would win by a fair amount of points. You could do this for the current mode as well (BTW, I just remembered that this method is called sandbagging). You could sandbag and that way you could win, win big and get the picks and more points than you would use a different deck. Or if you simply want to win and do so quickly, you could have a whole deck of cards from only one tier. That gives me an idea, would the picks and the points be the same if you use a deck of all commons or uncommon. Try it. Let me know how it goes. Shouldn’t change I think. If you are sandbagging and want to use this mode to train cards, then you could start a game and if you don’t have the trainee card in the opening hand, then force quit the game and restart and you will not have lost the bout. This applies to all game modes. If you force quit a game that you’re about to lose then you will not lose that bout. If you have more patience then you could just wait a few hands and see if you get dealt that card fairly early. Even then the opponent could be doing the same thing and his trainee might be stronger than yours or simply might proc and win so you will have to force quit and restart a few times.

Money In The Bank:
Money In The Bank is the game mode that should be available offline, along with the wild mode. In this mode, you have a deck of…… 15 cards (All male line up) which you use to battle in a MiTB match. Money in The Bank is a ladder match as we all know and as we move up the ladder the opponent gets stronger and the choices decrease. There are 5 battles in a MiTB match. You start at the bottom and work your way up. At the bottom, in the first match, you have a lot of choices. You are dealt a deck of 6 cards for the 5 battles. In the first match, you have a choice between 5 cards which one to battle. The second battle you get to choose from 4 cards, then 3 in the 3rd match then 2 in the 2nd and in the “Title Match” you have to battle whichever card it is. At the lower stages the cards above your stage are all upside down and hence you cannot see which cards they are. For every battle that you win, you get Contracts. The title match doubles the contracts if you win. The maximum number of contracts that you can get from one bout (Yep, this mode has bouts too) is 50 at the moment. And given that the top reward that contracts can buy is at 22500 contracts that is 22500/50 = 450 bouts. Bouts regenerate at the rate of 1 per hour. Unless of course, you wish to pay. Remember though that ads can be watched for bouts too.

How To Play?
It is advisable to have a very balanced and consistent deck of Money In The Bank. I have a deck of all SS 17 singles and I have no problem at all in winning every single match, because in the match I get matched up with Ultimate pros all the time, only the title match is an SS 17 card. When playing you can watch on either side of all the cards what stats will be played, take it into consideration if you have a close match. Especially the title match. With regards to rewards, you can get 4 picks for 15 contracts, which can come in very handy when you don’t have a lot of time for TBG charges. Other than that, you can stack up to 100000 contracts at a time. Getting the top 2 cards twice each to pro them requires you grind 90000 contracts. That is 90000/50 = 1800 bouts. If you play 15 bouts every day then 1800/15 = 120 days. That is why I just play casually to stack up enough so I can get TBG picks off them.

Team BattleGround:
Team BattleGround is a team a mode as the name suggests. In this mode two teams battle. You need at least 8 members of your team to start a TBG. Once a General or the owner starts a battle, you get matched against another team that has the same number of team members and is in the same tier. Each member is dealt a deck of 6 cards. Four males and two female cards. The card tiers vary. I think the cycle is such that in one TBG you get Beast through Titan cards and in the other you get Ultimate through SS 17 cards, but I’m not sure. Anyways, then there is a 24-hour preparation phase. In this phase, you prepare for battle by charging your cards. You can charge up your cards by 20 levels, regardless of the Card tier. So you need 120 Charge cards. You collect charge cards from playing the game and picking cards off the board just like you would obtain energy cards, except these charge cards are a bit less common. You apply the cards by going to the TBG screen and dropping the charges on to the card you wish to charge. Once the 24-hour prep phase is over, then the 24-hour attack phase starts. In this phase, you battle against the opposite team’s decks in Wild-like matches. Often the opposite team doesn’t charge and your fully maxed cards go up against level 0 cards of your opponent, easy win. Each member gets 15 attacks but they can attack one member of the opposite team only five times. For every win, you get points based on your opponents deck score. For example, if your opponent has a deck score of 100, then by beating him once you get 100 points, again and you get 100 more points. Once you’re done with the 5 attacks on that person, you should be on 500 points and move on to the next person. Usually, it is safe to aim for the team to score 10000 points as that usually gets a win. The rewards used to be incredible, a card of your tier every other day, when cards were obtained only via events, KoTR or by pulling from the board. But, then the rewards got nerfed and now you get a male of your tier and 2 cards of lower tiers besides Battle Points which can be used in the BP Store. You need to make sure all the players have the strongest cards in the deck to make sure you get the top rewards.

How To Play?
First things first, you need to get charges. 120 charges take a long time to accumulate. Some people get and apply charges straightaway, but I accumulate charges and apply them all together. You need to charge up completely. One way as I described above in MiTB was to use contracts to get picks and pick pick pick. If you don’t have contracts then you can spam wild mode, or play Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber as they give more picks. Usually, teams start TBG such that prep phase falls while in an event so you can accumulate charges while grinding events. Very handy during RTG or TRTG. You can buy charge multipliers from your TBG deck screen too. They are x2, x3, x4, and x5 I think. If I have credits (from logins and all, I don’t spend), I buy an x2 if I’m short on time for 100 credits. I’ve done that twice recently because I got those 1100 credits from CatDaddy. Then comes attack phase. It is highly recommended that you take your time with the attacks and discuss with your team how your gonna attack, who attacks who and all, because sometimes someone on our might not have charged fully, we’re all human mistakes happen, then we can leave the uncharged opponent players for them to pick off for max points. If I’m fully charged and I challenge the uncharged player then I’m simply stealing my teammate’s points and thus he cant get those points and that hurts the team. So, the Owner and the General/s need to take charge and figure out what to do.

King of The Ring:
King of the Ring used to be acceptably playable. Now it’s nearly impossible to win. KoTR is a tournament between real players. One winner comes out with a card of the KoTR tier. You have a deck of 10 cards, 3 Females (1 Single, 1 tag) 7 Males (2 tags, 3 Males) and 2 supports. Now you start a KoTR, you get placed in wither the NXT or the 205 Live qualifiers. In the qualifier, you play a best of 5 against a player. The battles are all fought by the Computer mind you. Just your deck is used against other peoples deck. 8 people from NXT qualify to Raw and 8 from 205 live qualify to Smack Down Live Qualifier. Best of 5 at Raw and Smack Down then quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final. Each battle drains stamina from your cards. Meaning there stats decrease. You use energy cards to replenish the lost stamina. Each battle is 10 minutes long, the gap between matches is 30 minutes long so, its 10 x 5 = 50 minutes for battles and 30 x 4 = 120 minutes between battles, that’s 170 minutes for the first qualifier. Then 170 more for the second qualifier. Then 170 for QF, 170 for SF and 170 for the Final. That’s 170 x 5 = 850 minutes or 14 hours of constant energizing.

How To Play?
Winning KoTR is hard. One strategy people used was sandbagging. For effective sandbagging in KoTR, you can use the common female tag and common 2nd male tag. If you go hard sandbagging, you can go all common females with one or 2 male commons. Another strategy that I read about on Reddit was the secret weapon. In this, you train your pros just enough so they beat the pro of the tier below. Never tried it though. My strategy is to stay a million miles away from any KoTR in Season 4.

Ring Domination:
WWE SuperCard alternates between Road To Glory and Ring Domination events every weekend. At the time of writing, tomorrow the new Ring Domination will begin. So Ring domination is the first event in every cycle. It reveals the event card that we will be playing for. Or at least those who have the decks to go for the event card. So is another all-male game mode. In this mode, you have a deck of 10 cards and 2 support cards. Depending on your tier you can start from the card under your tier, your tier and one above if you’re up for the grind. This mode also has bouts. You start a match and you are taken to a Sudoku-like 9 x 9 grid and dealt 6 cards from your deck and the support cards. The winner is the player with most spots taken on the grid. You can challenge your opponent’s card using your card. For example, if your opponent has a card in the middle it can be challenged from up, down, left and right. You use Undertaker, who is a left arrow then you have to place the card to its right so that the arrow points towards the card that you want to challenge. The arrows decide whether or not you challenge. If you place the left arrow to the right of a card, it will not challenge because the arrow is NOT pointing towards the card that you want to challenge. So for a win, you get 4 picks, a lose gives you 2 picks. A perfect win does give you a bonus pick. While picking though, you don’t have the usual draft board. This time it is shattered glass covering a card. You unlock shards using the picks. Once a shard is revealed, it gets eliminated. There are 36 shards. Which means when you have revealed 12 shards, you need to reveal 24 more shards and the revealed parts remain revealed unless you tier down.

How To Play?
In RD you have to occupy more spots on the grid than your opponent. You should never go too aggressively and look for a perfect win. Those happen, but very rarely. It all depends on your hand and what cards your opponent has. Place your first card according to the cards that you have. For example, if you have two arrows of either side each, you place the card in the middle. If you have more arrows on one side compared to the other, then start by placing the card on the opposite side. Your first card has to be your strongest card so that maybe you can start strong. But more often than not your opponent will take that card, so you should go in with the weakest card first and sacrifice it so that you can take it back later. Then with every turn be careful with the arrows you have and the situation. Don’t corner yourself into having to challenge a match that you can’t win. RD is fairly simple once you get a hang of it, winning should not be hard with the right kind of deck. The right kind of deck is right at the beginning of a tier. Not +, not ++, as low as possible into the tier. When I auto fill, my RD deck is SS 17+, but I tier down to as low as possible on SS 17 to get favourable matches. Because RD is a long grind, you want to minimize the fuss. Play easy matches, play quickly, pick quickly and power through. On the 2K SuperCard forum, there is a research thread for how many picks are needed for a card. I’ll post it below if I find it. People ask how to pick all the time because; it’s the most painful part. So many times you go down to the last shard. The consensus on 2K Supercard forums is that there is no pattern. It’s all random. But I roughly follow in the direction where the shard points. Where it points is common sense, I think. I’m not gonna help you with that. You need a geometry teacher to help you with figuring out which way a triangle points.

Team Ring Domination:
Team Ring Domination is, as the name suggests, a team event. In TRD you unlock shards to unlock cards, but it is slightly different. In solo RD you can play for 3 cards, without tinkering with your deck, in TRD you can only play for one card without changing the team deck completely. So, in order to get the card of the tier below, you need to weaken your deck, to go for higher cards, you need to strengthen your deck. In solo RD you need to unlock 36 shards. In TRD you need to unlock 100 shards for one card, and one shard is a reset because the board used for TRD is the wild mode draft board. So, every time you reset, you unlock one shard. The matches, themselves are the same as solo RD, 3x3 grid to fill. You are dealt cards from your team deck. Once the team has unlocked the card you need to claim it before the event ends otherwise you will not get the card.

How To Play?
Like mentioned above the matches are the same as RD, the board is different. So you can play wild mode till you have like 4 picks remaining, then go to TRD and get a reset. But this process can get quite lengthy and frustrating when you suddenly get resets on every 5th card you pick. Wild mode picks though do not carry over anymore. They used to. Good days those were. Not anymore though.

Road To Glory:
Road To Glory is the other weekly event in WWE Supercard. In RTG, you have a deck of 16 Male cards, four female cards and 2 support cards. This is also a game mode that has bouts, which regenerate over time. The matches are sort of like wild mode, you are dealt a hand of 4 cards and you play with them, then another 4 and so on for 4 rounds. One match won gives you one point and the person with most points wins. You start the RTG at the bottom card, which at the moment is SummerSlam, and work your way up to the event card. To get the event card you need to go through……… 11 cards, correct me if I’m wrong. Too many cards either way. When you go in to play and click on the button under the card, you are taken to a match selection screen similar to that in wild mode. Here though, there are three options with +1, +3 and +5 written beside them. That’s the points you will get for winning that match. The opponents are based on your deck and the +5 matches get impossible at a certain point which is called The Wall. The wall is where the +5 matches have stronger decks than yours. That will be around a quarter of the way through the card above your tier. You can find out more about this on the WWE 2K forums.

How To Play?
In RTG you are dealt a hand of 4 cards in every round. Use common sense for matches as they shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what cards to use and also this only helps in really close matches usually your fine just picking male cards for male matches. There is a debate as to when to use the doublers. I either use them or don’t. When doesn’t matter. I have them I use them, I don’t have them I don’t. The only strategy to be used when failing to win is to use an all uncommon deck with 2 strong supports that cover at least 3 out of 4 stats. I use two SS Vince’s. Easy perfect wins always.

Last Man Standing:
This is the latest game mode added to the game and I think its the most pay to win. You progress through arenas by accumulating points to win one of the 10 or so versions of the event card. The higher your points tally the stronger your event card will be.

How To Play?
In this mode, you pick cards off the board. Some are matches some are obstacles. You have five lives, if you pick a card and it reveals to be an obstacle, you lose a life. Others are matches and you get a random deck of 4 males and 2 females to play the matches, when you exhaust that deck, you get another random deck. The random decks are from your own cards. Other than that, I havent played much so dont know
If I missed something or if you disagree with some part then let me know.