WWE Raw 29 January 2018


The Raw post-Royal Rumble. I’m expecting a few surprises and returns and debuts.

Of course Raw started with Stephanie McMahon kicking off the show talking about the still historic Women’s Royal Rumble and announcing some more history in the form of the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Asuka said something in Japanese before exclaiming again that nobody is ready for Asuka. Sasha Banks interrupted and said she’s ready for Asuka tonight. Stephanie made the match official.

Next up we had the first of a series of matches to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. The first match is Kane Vs Braun Strowman in a last man standing match. Braun destroyed Kane and ended the match by overturning the announce table (stage, platform and all) onto Kane. When asked by Corey Graves to explain his actions, Braun said he’s just doing what he had to do.

Woken Matt faced off against Elias in the second qualification match. The two had an okay match during which Bray Wyatt interfered (of course) to cost Hardy the match. Elias joins Braun Strowman in the Elimination Chamber with this win.

Next up we had the match of the night, Miz defending his Intercontinental championship against Roman Reigns. Reigns was in big dawg mode early in the match dominating Miz and even going after Bo and Axel. Miz took advantage of a distraction to take control of the match. Bo and Axel interfered again late in the match and allowed Miz to roll up Reigns for the win to retain his title.

Now we had the filler part. The Revival Vs Heath Slater and Rhyno. Heath Slater got isolated but he managed to get a hot tag into Rhyno but it wasn’t enough as The Revival won with a shatter machine. Revival then cut a promo after the match.

Now we had Sasha Banks Vs Asuka. The two had a fantastic match. Asuka had control of the match and was working on Sasha’s arm to set up her finisher. Sasha Banks fought back and showed a mean side that we have not seen on the main roster from her yet, continuing to tease a heel turn. A suicide dive almost cost her the match and potentially a lot more as she landed on her head and neck, but she was alright and continued. Sasha continued to match Asuka all the way up to blocking an Asuka lock into the Bank Statement. Asuka though managed to make Sasha tap to end an excellent TV match.

Titus Worldwide got a title match against The Bar as a result of there previous victories over the new champions. The Bar isolated Titus O’Neil and beat him down allowing for the hot tag to Apollo Crews who again reminded everyone of his incredible athleticism and the potential that the guy has. In the context of this match though, he was just going to be the scapegoat as The Bar retained there newly won tag titles.

Our main event was a first time ever. Finn Balor Vs John Cena in a one on one match with a spot in the Elimination Chamber up for grabs. It was a back and forth match with some very good action as the momentum swung one way and then another even prompting the crowd to stop playing with a beach ball and watch the match. Late in the match, Balor missed a Coup De Grace and looked to injure his knee which played into the finish as Cena hit the AA on Balor for the win and punching his spot in Elimination Chamber