WWE Raw 25.12.17


The first ever Raw to broadcast live on Christmas started off with Free Agent John Cena kissing the Chicago crowds ass. He gifted his shirt and cap to a kid in the crowd. Elias interrupted him and cut his own performance short by attacking Cena. Then Cena and Elias had an impromptu 1 on 1 match. It was a competitive match during which Elias looked very good with his offense. The winner though was always only going to be Free Agent John Cena who pinned Elias with a single AA after kicking out of Elias’s finisher.
Then Rollins and Jordan both asked for a match against Joe, in reply Kurt gave them a Tag title match against the Bar. Then Reigns appeared and Kurt gave him Joe to defend his title against.
The Brian Kendrick cut a promo on Hideo Itami before Hideo Itami beat TBK in a short match with HIS Go 2 Sleep to put over Hideo.
Then we had a rematch from last week’s 6 women tag main event that ended in a no contest. The match again became a brawl outside the ring but this time Paige hit the RamPaige on Bayley for the pin and the win.
Then Heath Slater had a match against Kane during which Rhyno encourage Heath to toughen up. Slater got a bit of offense in but Kane pinned him with a Chokeslam. After the match Kane fell Rhyno as well for good measure.
Next up Curt Hawkins issued an open challenge to end his losing streak this year. The challenge was answered by Finn Balor who squashed him quickly to extend his losing streak to 147 matches.
Bray Wyatt cut a promo before coming out to the ring. Before he could do anything though, he was attacked by Woken Matt Hardy, Wyatt hightailed from the ring and then Matt did his laugh. Thats it.
Then we had “A Nightmare on Elf Street” match. In other words another 6 man tag match between the cruiserweights. Cedric Alexander pinned Gulak again with the Lumbar Check for the pin and the win. Nia and Enzo were again interrupted backstage by Alexa Bliss this time. The we had the Intercontinental championship match between the 2 top Joes of the WWE. It was an excellent match with Reigns being very aggressive against Joe, before Joe slowed down the pace of the match. Reigns then got disqualified for shoving the ref, but Reigns didnt slow down but he stepped up and destroyed Joe with steps. He treid to break Joes arm with a chair but Joe escaped.
The Miztourage made there way to the ring but Strowman had plans. Strowman crushed the Miz’s cronies, in a handicap match and then greeted them to a Powerslam party. Then we saw a graphic promoting an appearance for Lesnar next week.
Our main event had the makeshift team of Rollins and Jordan challenging The Bar for the tag team championship match. The Bar dominated Rollins before Jordan made came in with some intensity to make the comeback for his team. Jordan finished the match with his finisher and pinned Cesaro to make Rollins and Jordan the new surprise tag team champions.