WWE Raw 18/12/2017


This weeks Raw’s main event was Bayley, Mickie James and Sasha Banks Vs Absolution. Also Seth Rollins Vs Samoa Joe, a Brock Lesnar appearance and Finn Balor Vs The Miztourage was on the card.
The show started with Brawn Strowman interrupted Kurt Angle to demand that he be made the No.1 contender. Kane interrupted to say something that meant he has been wrestling for 20 years so he should be the No.1 contender. As they were facing off, Paul Heyman’s voice startled everyone. The advocate then proceeded to introduce his client, Brock Lesnar. As Lesnar got to the ring, in full beast mode, Kurt Angle did his best bit of work since his return, by announcing that the Royal Rumble Universal title match would be a triple threat match and weaseling his way out of there while saying his catchphrase. Strowman was ousted from the ring before Lesnar downed Kane with an F5.
Seth Rollins was supposed to face off against Samoa Joe but Jason Jordan interrupted and provoked Rollins into a match. Samoa Joe sat at ringside to watch the match. The match ended when Joe tried to attack Rollins but ate a superkick for his troubles with Rollins pinning Jordan who looked good in this match. After the match Joe attacked both Rollins and Jordan just for good measure.
Next up Finn Balor made his way to the ring to face off against The Miztourage in a 2 on 1 handicap match. The heels worked over Balor and just as he was mounting a comeback, Axel and Dallas (Better than Miztourage) attacked him causing a disqualification. Thats when Hideo Itami made his debut to save his former NXT tag team partner. The 2 teams then had an impromptu tag match which the babyfaces won when Hideo Itami pinned Curtis Axel with HIS Go 2 Sleep.
Then Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander faced off in a match to find out who will be the No. 1 contender to Enzo’s Cruiserweight championship. Enzo was on the announce table for much of the match before he left staring into his phone. Cedric Alexander beat Drew Gulak with a Lumbar Check.
Backstage Enzo and Nia were interrupted by Gulak who apologised for messing up in the match.
Next up Asuka beat Alicia Fox in a short match with an armbreaker.
Then we had a 6 match tag match with Rollins, Ambrose and Jordan facing off against Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus. It was a fun match with the heels in control for much of the match. A Seth Rollins suicide dive caught Ambrose and he seemed to be injured. Sheamus hit Rollins with the brogue kick for the pin and the win for the heels.
We saw Stephanie McMahon arrive. Then Woken Matt Hardy talked to a Goldfish and talked of deleted the Wyatt swarm.
Rollins and a doctor were checking on Ambrose when The Bar and Joe attacked the duo.
Next up The Revival made there return and beat Rhyno and Heath Slater in a short match made to get them over. Backstage following the match Kurt asked the babyfaces to toughen up.
Then Elias announced that he would enter and win the Royal Rumble before performing but he was interrupted by Sasha Banks. Then Mickie James. Elias exclaimed that all the women wanted to walk with Elias. As he was about to continue with his performance, he was interrupted by Bayley. This drove Elias away and brought Absolution out for our main-event, a 6 women tag match. The heels worked over Sasha Banks in the early stages before the match broke out into a brawl, which brought out the whole Womens locker room. The stage was set for Stephanie who strutted down to the ring to announce the first ever Womens Royal Rumble match.


His go to sleep???


KENTA i.e Hideo Itami is the innovator of the Go 2 Sleep. Just look up Wikipedia


Ohhhhhhhhhhh this is information o_O


A certain someone also used the Go 2 Sleep, but the credit must be given to KENTA