Smackdown Live 23rd January


Smackdown Live started with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the ring putting themselves over for the Royal Rumble against AJ Styles. AJ Styles came out and said he’s more than just an opponent. He is phenomenal. Kami challenged him to singles matches. Daniel Bryan came out but before he could say much AJ Styles accepted the challenge, setting up back to back matches against Kevin Owens then Sami Zayn.

Next up Jey Uso and Chad Gable had a fun match which showcased both Gable and Jey as more than able singles competitors. Chad Gable won the match and continued American Beta’s momentum going into their 2-out-of-3 falls match at Royal Rumble.

Then we had Naomi Vs Liv Morgan which was a match made to fit all the women of the SD roster into a segment and for them to throw each other over the top rope. After all that was done, Charlotte cut a promo. Naomi won the match btw.

Shinsuke Nakamura then faced off against Baron Corbin which was a nice match. Nakamura frustrated Corbin, Corbin looked to be leaving before attacking Nakamura and taking control of the match. Nakamura had the Kinshasa set up for the win when… RKO OUTTA NOWHERE. Perfectly executed surprise RKO by the Viper and he decked both men before standing tall.

New Day and Bobby Roode then faced off against RusevDay and Jinder Mahal in a 6 man tag match. It was entertaining as it always is with The New Day involved and the babyfaces got the win.

AJ Styles then had the first of his two back to back matches against Kevin Owens. The match started and quite quickly AJ Styles trapped Kevin Owens into Calf Crusher to which Kevin Owens tapped quickly but AJ Styles refused to let go.

The Sami Zayn match then started and AJ Styles kept going after Kevin Owens who sold his injury very well everytime AJ went out of the ring. That cost him the match as Sami Zayn hit the Helluva Kick and the Blue Thunder bomb just as he was getting back in the ring after again attacking KO.