Royal Rumble 2018


No Kick off review here, Mojo Rawley answered Bobby Roode’s open challenge and lost, Revival beat the Club and Masked squad beat Team Gulak.

The show kicked off with Sami Zayn coming out to the ring to a big pop. KO followed and yep chants started before AJ Styles came down to the ring to defend his title. Early in the match KO and Sami took turns tagging in and out without doing anything at all basically. AJ tried cutting the ring off for KO but he just slipped out of the ring and entered in from the other side to make the tag. The action started with Sami Zayn and AJ going at it finally. AJ didn’t let either of the two completely dominate but they kept tagging in and out. AJ locked KO in the calf crusher that KO sold beautifully and survived just about. The screwy finish saw Sami Zayn trying to make the tag by reaching over AJ towards KO but AJ stopped him and dumped him out of the ring. KO came in but he got rolled up for the pin while Sami was the legal man.

Next up we had the Uso’s defending their title against Gable and Benjamin in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Early on the heels worked on Jimmy Uso’s legs which led to the hot tag to Jey who proceeded to sweep everything. A crazy reversal sequence led to the Uso’s getting the first fall before Gable and Benjamin managed to isolate Jey in the ring. Gable went to the top rope, meanwhile, Jey rolled up Benjamin for the surprise second fall as the champions retained.

Now the Mens Rumble was brought ahead of the Women’s rumble surprisingly. Rusev started the Rumble with Finn Balor as #2 entrant. Baron Corbin came out got an elimination got eliminated and annihilated everything. While he was walking back Heath Slater was walking in and Corbin decked him as well. #7 was current NXT champion, Andrade Almas! He got a big reaction like he should after last night’s performance. He also got his offence in against Heath Slater who has still not made it inside the ring. #10 had to be Tye Dillinger but he got jumped backstage by KO and Sami Zayn with the latter taking his place in the Rumble. #11 was birthday boy Sheamus who helped Heath Slater finally get to the ring but it backfired as Slater immediately eliminated him. This year’s Kofi spot was Xavier Woods sliding himself under Kofi’s foot before Big E brought his Pancake tray for Kofi to stand on before pogo sticking Kofi back into the ring. Watch it, I cant describe it. John Cena came at #20 and everyone in the ring ganged up on him. At #21 The Hurricane made a brief return before being tossed out by Super Cena. At #23 was Addam Cole BayBay! He had his ribs taped from that ridiculous chair spot last night against Aleister Black. #27 was Rey Mysterio. The big surprise though was how phenomenal he looked. I saw him and thought heel Rey now would be totally epic. #30 was the return of Dolph Ziggler who distributed some superkicks before being eliminated. The final four were Balor, Cena, Nakamura, Reigns. Cena eliminated Balor before being eliminated by Nakamura to leave Nakamura and Reigns as the final two. Nakamura managed to eliminate Reigns. We’re gonna get Nakamura Vs AJ Styles! Closest your gonna get to a Stark family reunion GoT fans!

Next up we had The Bar Vs Jordan and Rollins. I had hopes and expectations for this match. Then Jordan got injured and Rollins lost a 2 on 1 match basically.

Brock Lesnar Vs Braun Strowman Vs Kane had the potential to be a slow, boring grind. This was anything but. Lesnar and Strowman traded absolute bombs that looked like they would kill any mere mortal. Lesnar brought weapons into this match. The announce table spot saw Lesnar F5 Strowman through it and flipping the other table onto Strowman, before destroying the other one by Sending Kane through it without even taking the courtesy of mopping it up first. Back in the ring, Strowman sent himself into a table to save Kane some embarrassment, then powerslammed Lesnar through a table. The finish came with Lesnar shoving Strowman out of the ring and hitting the F5 on Kane on a chair for the pinfall win.

The women’s Rumble match closed the show. Sasha and Becky were the opening contestants. I was surprised to see 2 of the favourites so early on. At #4 came the first former superstar in Lita. At #6 was Kairi Sane who was impressive till she got dumped out by Dana Brooke. Torrie Wilson got a big pop at #9, Molly Holly at #12, Michelle McCool at #14 got Undertaker chants. Vickie Guerrero came and went at #16 wanting to be excused. Kelly Kelly came in at #19. Jacqueline also made an appearance at #21. Ember Moon was entrant #23, Beth Pheonix at #24. Asuka came in at #25. The Bella twins returned at #27 and 28, before Bayley got the #29 and got tossed out by The Boss Sasha Banks. #30 was Trish Stratus and she looked in great ring shape. I really wanted Trish and Lita to face off in this match but we got Trish and Mickie James squaring up. The final four were Sasha, Bella twins and Asuka. Sasha ganged up on the Asuka with the Bella’s before the Bella’s tossed her out. Nikki then eliminated Brie leaving Asuka to eliminate Nikki in a screwy finish.