Raw 25th anniversary show


Raw 25 was broadcast simultaneously from two locations and had a whos who of wrestling scheduled to appear.

Stephanie and Shane O’Mac kicked off the show (of course) and welcomed there Dad, Vinnie Mac. Vince played the heel and was berating the crowd and all when the glass shattered and Stone Cold made his way to the ring. Vince weaselled out of a stunner by complaining about heart problems and all and Austin took it and stunned Shane O’Mac before sharing a beer with Vince. Of course, he stunned Vince too.

Absolution, Alicia Fox and Nia Jax Vs Bayley, Sasha Banks, Asuka and Mickie James was the first match of the night. Nia Jax started a brawl pre-match by attacking Asuka. Asuka then dominated the match early on. Some nonsense ensued with a couple of the heels ganging up and then brawling outside the ring while Sasha Banks put the Bank Statement on Alicia Fox for the win. Post-match, Asuka threw everyone over the top rope.

Then the most confusing thing happened. Undertaker highlights package played. Undertaker comes out to the ring. His usually devilish promo and he ended it by saying “I declare for all of those who have fallen it is truly time to rest in peace.”…He did look in good shape. The commentators didn’t really put over a retirement which I’m sure they would do if it was. Or maybe Taker himself wanted to leave like this?..

I dont want to do anymore


What the fuck dude? The IC title match? The Strowman/Lesnar/Kane brawl? Did all of that not happen for you?